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Cita Production
57 Rue de Franche-Comté
21760 Lamarche-sur-Saône

Certifications & Quality

Proud of our 40 years of experience in mechanical welding.
Our independent quality departement, counting 7 people, work with all departments in order to satisfy norms requirements and needs of our clients.
We can work with different kind of material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Copper.

quality specifications

  • Procedures
  • Quality Scheme
  • End of production files (CFF et RFF)
  • Inspection Records (Dimensional, non-destructive testing, painting)

Applied Manufacturing Codes Specific to Nuclear Manufacturing.

  • RCCM édition 2005, 2007, 2012 (Règles de conception et de construction des matériels mécaniques des îlots nucléaires REP)
  • EN13480 édition
  • CRT 53 C026-03 (Cahier des règles techniques supportage de tuyauterie)
  • CCTR 91 C031-05 (Cahier des charges pour travaux de revêtement)
  • Others: CODAP, CODETI et ASME
  • Currently in certification: EN 1090 édition


  • 15 Qualified Welders following norms: EN 287-3 (QS) (counting 3 for StainlessSteel Welding)
  • Welding procedure qualifications following norms: EN15614-1 (QMOS), (by hand and by robot)
  • 2 qualified painters: ACQPA 2


  • Non-destructive checks : Dye penetrant methods (2 people cofrend-2), Ultra-sonic, Magnetic Resonance Imaging level 2.
  • Additional tests on material.
  • Suppliers Inspections.
  • Dimensional Testings.
  • thickness testings and Paint Stripping Tests.